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By Taylor Mascia

As promised, here we have the 2014 points per snap for QB/RB/WR/TE.  Some good stuff here.  Some interesting things here I think.  I’ll be back with deeper analysis to this data (as well as last week’s IDP data) in the coming weeks.  I know I promised a sleepers follow up in last week’s article but I would like to add more metrics for each player to build a profile and make my recommendations at that time.

I’ve included a Google doc here.  You’ll find tabs for ALL/QB/RB/WR/TE.  In Column F you will find Total Points per Snap for the 2014 season.  The players visible in the tables all played 150 or more snaps.  Most of the raw data I used comes from SportingCharts with some manual adjustments made here and there for missing snap counts. The scoring I used is the following:

Pass TD 4
Pass Yards 1/25 yards
Interceptions -2
Rushing TD 6
Rushing Yards 1/10 yards
Receiving TD 6
Receiving Yards 1/10 yards
Lost Fumbles -2


*Note: similar to last week’s data, I’ve left out Return TDs and 2 point conversions.  The predictability is just not reliable enough for me.  With that said, those stats are something to keep in mind.


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