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So, this year was strange by all fantasy accounts. There was injury after injury after injury that completely derailed one of my teams, but I actually made the championship in our IDPDynasty dynasty league. It was a close, hard-fought match, but after a rough 8-6 season, this noob came away with a great post-season run. Now, since this was such a weird season, I had to take a step back and really reflect on what I could take away. Here are those thoughts.

  1. Know why you drafted a player. Have it written down somewhere. Keep tabs. Whatever. Just always remember exactly what the player’s role on your team is. Because rosters are so big on dynasty teams typically, that gives us the luxury of having role players. Example: Eddie Lacy. Disclaimer: I overdrafted Lacy, but the point will still stand. Backs like Lacy are particularly good in winter. We see it year in and year out that there are backs that just tend to only really be good in December. Well guess what? You can plan for that. I stopped playing Lacy early because he wasn’t producing, but he’s still on my roster. He actually saw some game time late in the year. Was it because my running backs were weak? No, pretty much the opposite, honestly. But some backs are just really good when they can dig their cleats into harder ground. These tend to be bigger, heavier backs.
  2. Don’t underestimate a good waiver claim, regardless of position. One of my leagues splits out every defensive position, so it was mandatory to play a defensive tackle. Unfortunately, most defensive tackles are terrible fantasy assets. By playing the waiver, I was able to get consistent production at DT despite not having a strong starter for most of the year. Even when we’re keeping our rosters season to season, it’s still important to churn what you can if you think that it will improve your team. And there is little downside for certain positions to play it by waiver rotation.
  3. Get a player or two that you just really want to root for. I may be a Lions fan, but my fantasy darling this year has been Blake Bortles. I’ve been rooting for the Jaguars all year without shame. With an up and coming player like Bortles, it gave me something that is exactly the reason why I started fantasy in the first place: a way to enjoy football games more.
  4. Pick your line-up carefully. While I did very well in one league, I was in dead last in the other. Things just didn’t pan out in so many different ways, and it bit me in the butt. Particularly trading away OBJ for Mike Evans and Charles Johnson early. Because I made that mistake, though, I had to take a harsh lesson in conservative vs. risky. The league in which I went 8-6, my plays were a lot safer. Larry Fitzgerald, DeAngelo Williams, Ronald Darby. My other league, I had to take huge risks for my wins with players like Ameer Abdullah, Martavis Bryant and Jaquiski Tartt. Both had their merits and won games. It’s just about knowing where and when to take risks.

But now it’s on to the offseason! I’m sure it will be an interesting adventure. Here’s to hoping that I don’t hit that sophomore slump.

Adam Benovic

Adam Benovic

Adam Benovic is an aspiring writer and die hard Detroit Lions fan living in Chicago. He's active in NFL draft and scouting communities around the internet and looks forward to bringing that knowledge to a draft team near you.
Adam Benovic

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