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There’s so many different types of fantasy football leagues these days that it can be hard to keep them straight. Once upon a time the most complicated thing you had to explain to the new guy was what a snake draft is.

Now you’ve got daily drafts, rookie drafts, free agent auction budgets, salary cap budgets, and even tenth round reversal dynasty drauctions (don’t ask). Just in case you need a primer, I’ll cover some of the most common fantasy football league types here.

The Standard 12-Team League with standard lineups and zero PPR: These guys having been playing in this league together since 1997. Even their kids have kids now. Each year everyone’s least favorite player proposes they do something crazy and add PPR. Once a couple years ago, someone mentioned during the draft that they should consider 2-QB. Everyone just looked at him.

IDP League: Because only keeping up with one half of the Wednesday NFL injury report wastes too little of my work time.

16-Team SuperFlex IDP League with 0.5 points per carry, 0.75 points per catch, and Tight End bonuses no one has figured out yet: You do NOT want to play with these guys. If you don’t respond to a trade proposal within 12 hours, you get an admonishing tweet from the commish. You need a PhD in astrophysics to figure out the QB scoring. And yet somehow there’s sixteen of them.

8-Team League: for office pools, television shows, and DND nerds who play without dice.

12-Team PPR Dynasty League: Everyone laughed when that guy drafted Beckham, Hopkins, and Robinson at startup then traded Megatron for two 2017 firsts, and finished 4-9 in 2014. Who’s laughing now?

Daily League: What? You lost me. What attention span?

Auction League: Wide Receivers should be 47.5% of your budget, QB’s 3.141592653% of your budget, and your RB3 flex handcuff should be 9% of budget but only if the aggregate mean average your opponents’ remaining budgets is higher than the cost of Odell Beckham compounded over the rolling seven year average for Top 12 fantasy scorers.

14-Team SuperFlex League: two teams are stacked and everyone else is pissing themselves
to pick up an 8th backup QB.

Devy League: What I love about these high school football players, man? I get older, they stay the same age.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into the vast and varied world of fantasy football in 2016. Once you’ve picked a league type, keep an eye out for our upcoming review of top team names for the upcoming season.

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