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By Taylor Mascia

Sup everybody?

I know, I know.  Today is actually Mischief Night but I figured I’d keep it civil and shout out to one of the more obscure holidays we celebrate in the States.  Did you know Halloween’s proper name is All Hallows’ Eve?  It precedes All Hallows’ Day (also know as All Saints’ Day) and marks the beginning of a three-day observance dedicated to remembering the dead referred to as Allhallowtide.  Halloween has its basis in Celtic/Gaelic festivals marking the end of the Harvest season.  If you want to read more go here.

On to why you’re all here.  Some formatting changes this week.  I combined the Weekly and YTD spreadsheets into one for ease of use.  I also added some placeholders (the tabs with >>) to easily identify which tabs relate to what.  I also color coded the tabs.  Green tabs are Weekly and Blue tabs are YTD.  Have fun.

Week 7/YTD


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