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By M. Britt Hayes

It’s seven days beyond the halfway mark of the 2015 NFL season. Week 10 has come and gone.

Nick Fole’s starting QB slot has come and gone.

Julian Edelman’s immediate fantasy relevancy has come and gone.

The 49ers bye week has come and gone…didn’t notice did you?

The Seattle Seahawk’s NFC West domination has come and gone as well as Green Bay’s winning streak over the Detroit Lions.

J.J Watt’s TE career has now seemingly come and gone.

Tony Romo’s annual injury has likely come and gone along with Dez Bryant’s yearly outburst.

Brett Favre’s career passing yards record? Yep, come and gone.

Half of Josh Gordon’s season long suspension has come and gone.

Deflategate, has come and…well, that’s actually still going like the Energizer Bunny, pending appeal of course.

Victor Cruz just hasn’t come, and the Saints defense? Well, its gone.

So are color blind NFL fans, or at least on Thursdays, I think.

Oh well, guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

On with the reactions.


With Father Time bearing down on Peyton Manning, he’ll be taking some time off to heal up for a late season playoff run. Denver’s hand has been forced to release the Brockness Monster. Brock Osweller will be under center when the Broncos go the windy city to take on Chicago in Week 11. Osweller is a 6 foot 8 inch, 240 pound steed that shan’t be bothered by such menial injuries as planter fascia.

Patience young Osweller

The 4th year backup QB sports a career 57.4 completion percentage to accompany his 78.1 QBR. He mostly a Manning-ish pocket passer, but Brock’s athleticism can be deceiving due to his towering demeanor. With targets such as Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders at their disposal any Denver QB is a plausible QB1 especially in 2 QB league formats. Besides, he practices against one of the best defenses in the NFL, and he has been mentored by one of the greatest QB’s of all time. Not to mention John Elway seems to trust him. So, there’s that.

Brock is worthy of a Waiver addition. The smart move may be to hold him to a bench spot against the Bears just to monitor whether or not he does indeed arise to the occasion.


It was the ankle injury heard round the world in Week 10. Julian Edelman’s injury will sideline him the remainder of the regular season thus nullifying his fantasy relevance for the year. But if there is one team out there that truly lives by the “next man up” mantra it is the New England Patriots, and that man is Danny Amendola.

See Julian grimace?

The Amendolable Snowman was acquired by the Pats in 2013 with the hopes that he would fill the role vacated by the release of Wes Welker, but a slew of injuries and the emergence of Edelman just didn’t allow it. So, the time is now. The 2 WR’s have an identical skill-set. Both players run the 40 yard dash at an impressive 4.5 seconds while Amendola is a year older and an inch taller. It is essentially replacing a player with himself. Kind of like having  The Matrix’s Agent Smith on your team.

Just look how close he is to Tom…

Even with Brandon Lafell absorbing some of Julian’s abandoned targets, Amendola could be a WR1. Since his return in Week 7 up until Week 10, the targets have been dispersed as follows:

Rob Gronkowski – 30

Julian Edelman – 26

Brandon Lafell – 24

Danny Amendola – 15

Now, simply dividing Edelman’s targets equally among them puts Amendola at 23, which would average 7 targets a game, but playing the exact position of Edelman he will receive the bulk of these open looks from Tom Brady. Edelman himself only averaged 9 targets a game before going down for a ranking of 10th in the league.

Ultimately, Amendola should be firmly planted in your lineup, with the identical expectations of his predecessor.

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