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By M. Britt Hayes

Welcome all to the Knee Jerk Corner.  This is where we take a look at the past week’s happenings and outcomes, and then we over react. In today’s society the majority have a flair for the over dramatic and the short term memory of a goldfish. We are a fast paced, short attention spanned people that want results now.  This carries over into our fantasy football teams as well.  So without further ado, let’s get down to business.


The Direct TV Curse.

The Madden Curse is so 5 years ago. J.L. Hughes pointed out to me that we have a new plague upon us, and it comes in the form of a humorless, over played television commercial. This scourge has laid Tony Romo to rest for 6 to 8 weeks on injured reserve, resigned the Manning Brothers to shells of their once successful selves, and turned Andrew Luck into the patron saint of turnovers. He currently leads the league with 5 interceptions. The rumors of Peyton Manning‘s health and arm issues have been circling like vultures at a nursing home for quite some time now and have seemed to have become bona fide fact, as he currently has a completion percentage of 58.8. And little brother, Eli Manning is taking more heat over a clock than 14 year old, Ahmed Mohamed.

Verdict: The curse is a hoax.

While Romo is known for playing through injuries, he has missed time with this exact injury before.  Just put him on the bench  or in an IR slot if available and play the next man up.  Eli has been about as consistently inconsistent as a QB can be in the NFL. Talk of Peyton’s demise have largely been exaggerated.  Is his arm weaker? Maybe, but that is expected, he’s older. His claim to QB dominance has never been his arm, it’s his football IQ which is off the charts. He will get through this.  Andrew Luck and Colts lost their first 2 games of the season last year, granted in wasn’t in such dramatic fashion, but still they were “L’s.” There’s a lot of new faces on his offense to help contribute, so the chemistry might be a little off to say the least, but remember he went to Stanford.  If there’s one thing he knows how to do, its study and prepare. He will be fine to just keep right on starting in your line ups.

Antonio Brown: G.O.A.T.

The greatest fantasy season by a WR was in 2007 at the hands of then Patriot, Randy Moss. Moss went for 1,493 yards and 23 touch downs that year.  That was good for 287 fantasy points in standard formats, and with 98 catches that’s 385(1.0 PPR) or 336(0.5 PPR). A mark that still stands as the greatest of all time.  Antonio Brown has the potential to break that mark in all formats this season in a potent Steeler’s offense.

Verdict: True, but only in PPR formats.

Through the first 2 games of the season, Brown is averaging 9 receptions a game. This number is high but sustainable for a player of his ability in an offense that ranked second in the league a year ago. The defense in Pittsburgh has began waving the white flag in place of the terrible towel.  This means Big Ben will be throwing all season long. A catch rate of 9 a game will give Brown 144 catches on the season. Match that with his 1,600 yards from last year and that gives him 313(1.0 PPR) and 241(0.5 PPR) points. Making it only necessary for him catch 12(1.0 PPR) and 16(0.5 PPR) touchdowns to break Moss’s miraculous season total. He’s already got 2.

The Miami Dolphins Experiment

Coming into the 2015 season Miami looked like a team on the rise. With one of the hottest young offenses full of weapons and the addition of Ndamukong Suh to an already top 5 fantasy defense they seemed poised for a deep playoff run. Fast forward to a week 2 loss at the hands of last year’s running joke, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and its time to jump off of this sinking ship. Suh is back up to his old shenanigans and is ignoring the defensive coordinators play calls, according to reports, while only being responsible for 3 tackles and 0 sacks. Lamar Miller has just 13 fantasy points while WR’s Kenny Stills and Devante Parker have been non existent. With an outstanding Buffalo Bills defense coming to town this week, its time to cut bait and move on.

Verdict: Hold steady and ride out the storm.  The Phins will be just fine.

Ryan Tannehill has put up a solid performance in week 2 while Jarvis Landry is currently the #12 WR in PPR formats. Keep in mind that Miller left the Jacksonville game with an injury, but not a severe one.  He will be back in the line up. Linebacker  Jelani Jenkins has 45 points in IDP play thus far. Suh may have a bad attitude, but his talent is far too superior to remain bridled. And possibly the biggest surprise of the season is WR Rishard Williams. He’s currently 20th among wideouts in PPR.  Stop reading, and scramble to your waiver wire immediately if he is available.

The Rundown

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t figured out how to use Jimmy Graham. They will, and he will be a serviceable TE, but he will never again see the good ole days of  Drew Brees babying him red zone targets.

Speaking of Drew Brees, he’s old banged up and only has 2 TD’s.  Yes, but he has 610 yards and hasn’t finished a season below 30 TD’s in the past 7 years.

Carson Palmer and Tom Brady are on pace to score 56 TD’s.  Brady has always splashed huge games mixed among mediocre performances throughout his career. Don’t get overly excited, and Palmer has only played 16 games six times in eleven years.

Larry Fitzgerald is back with a 2 and 3 TD performance. Not exactly, his numbers have been steadily declining since Palmer’s arrival. Carson likes to spread the ball, and now he has the talent to do so with the emergence of John Brown. Not to mention Michael Floyd is still there too.

Amari Cooper is the new Odell Beckham Jr. Well seeing as they have identical numbers at this point in the season, sure. Twelve receptions on 20 targets for 1 TD. Beckham just narrowly edges him out with 36 more yards. 

Travis Benjamin is the best waiver wire find of the year.  Not exactly, he has 6 receptions on 7 targets, with 4 of those going for 20 plus yards. That’s highly unsustainable on a Browns offense that may or may not be led by Johnny Manzeil.  And no its not Johnny Football time in Cleveland. He is the back up QB. When Josh McCown is healthy it will again be his team.

Ronnie Hillman is slowly taking C.J. Anderson‘s job away from him.  Yes he is.  Hillman has handily outperformed him over the last 2 games and Anderson may have a nagging injury. Let us not forget that Hillman is 2nd round draft pick and CJA is a walk on. Always bet on talent, NFL scouts are rarely wrong.

In other battle of the lead back new: Gio Bernard is the new bell cow in Cincinnati. Not so fast, Jeremy Hill had an off game with a couple of turnovers, so they gave the reins to Gio while Hill took a seat to get his mind right.  The Bengals have a luxury where they can do this, being that they have two starting caliber backs. Fear not, both RB’s will return to their normal roles.

And in breaking news the Dallas Cowboys have acquired Matt Cassel from the Buffalo Bills. Nothing to see here, carry on

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