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They weren’t Allen Robinson numbers but after being made Week 3’s Don’t Panic play of the week, Mike Evans came out with 17 PPR fantasy points against Houston to return to fantasy relevancy. Meanwhile, Panic players Devin Funchess and CJ Anderson continue to struggle. Who remains in the doghouse this week? And who escapes?


Last year’s rushing champion has struggled mightily as many expected. You just knew that the downgrade in O-Line and coming back from all those carries, Murray could not repeat his near-perfect 2014. But that doesn’t mean he’s done.

The Philly rushing attack got on track in Week 3 with Ryan Mathews hitting the century mark — which is great news for Philly’s O-Line. They should be finally clicking. Additionally, the Redskins-Eagles game could be moved to Detroit and you have to like Murray in the more Dallas-like dome conditions.



I’m going to go a little under the radar here and sympathize with some of the people who overdrafted this guy. He was billed as “NFL ready” and even some of my redraft leagues saw this guy going as a third receiver, which is just nuts.

This won’t make a lot of sense to people who were thinking straight come draft time but if you invested heavily in Agholor, I honestly believe there’s reason to be concerned. Bradford has struggled and Matthews has emerged as the target vacuum most of us knew he would be.

But there’s something even deeper that concerns me, here. Rookies who flash talent often land at least a special teams gig and Agholor hasn’t even been able to consistently do that. This shows me that the guy is really overwhelmed. The fact is, he was overdrafted both by the Eagles and by fantasy gurus.


The general timetable on receivers has historically been three years of development. (So a guy like Agholor is not to be outright discarded by any means.) The 2014 class blew that out of the water and a whole generation of dynasty players’ expectations were ruined. But there’s a couple of once highly touted receivers who are only now starting to blossom well past the three year mark.

Ted Ginn, Jr. has stepped out of the special teams role and begun to contribute on offense. Ginn was once a highly touted prospect who struggled in San Francisco. With the Funchess struggles and Benjamin injury, Ginn has been able to show his veteran savy. He’s the only legit WR Carolina has (sorry John Brown fans) and will continue to produce in 2015.

Another former top Bay Area prospect Darrius Heyward-Bey has finally found a home of sorts in Pittsburgh. Once over-drafted by the Raiders Heyward-Bey is now fantasy relevant. He passes Marcus Wheaton and even outperformed Antonio Brown Thursday night (although that obviously won’t last). The real question for Heyward-Bey will come in Week 5 in Martavis Bryant returns.

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