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No big turn around for last week’s Don’t Panic play of the week, DeMarco Murray but there are flickers in the Philly offense and he continues to be a solid Don’t Panic. For Week 5’s Panic Button pick, we’re going to flip to the other side of the ball.


Beasley is a highly touted defensive end/outside lineback/LEO for the Atlanta Falcons and a rookie out of Clemson. We’ve been a little harsh on some rookie with outsized expectations the last few weeks, labeling Nelson Agholor and Devin Funchess outright Panics. No one should expect much from these guys any time soon. Their value is down and they’re long term holds.

Beasley has also disappeared at times so far this season and some might be concerned they overpaid for him as he was a top defender in this year’s rookie drafts, especially after Dante Fowler went down. In Atlanta’s big defensive game against the Texans, Beasley notched a measly tackle.

But he’s shown flashes and you can’t hope for much more out of rookie pass rusher. If you’ve invested in Fowler (like I have), I’d continue to take the other roster hits needed to hold onto him — on the Taxi Squad at a minimum. Defensive players — and especially pass rushers — are mercurial anyway so now is hardly the time to cut and run on a rookie who has already notched two sacks.


For the most part here at Panic Button, we look at guys who have underperformed. In Week 5, though, I want to highlight some overperformance.


Dalton was the surprise darling of the fantasy world in 2013, helping countless undermanned owners to the playoffs with a Top 5 QB performance. In 2014, he returned to Earth. At the moment, he’s the #2 fantasy QB in most formats.

While I still believe Dalton is great value as a lower end fill-in on top WR-heavy teams in PPR, he’s no Top 2 dynasty QB. There are too many solid young QB’s in too many pass heavy offenses for Dalton to maintain this perch.

I’m hardly saying Dalton is going to tank and now is absolutely the time if you can sell Dalton high to do it. If you’re a Dalton owner, then you likely have the roster to plug in a different Top 15 QB (because you didn’t overpay for Dalton in the first place). So, sell high on Dalton and bolster other weak spots on that roster for your playoff run.


Instead of Dalton, Brian Hoyer has quietly put up very nice numbers for Houston the last two weeks. He has the #2 WR in fantasy, DeAndre Hopkins and Arian Foster is back in the lineup so this is a squad that has righted itself in terms of offensive fantasy production since a rough September.

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