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By Calvin Danger

I personally tend to value veterans over rookies as they have already proven what they can do in the NFL. Here is a list of the top 20 rookies from the 2012 NFL draft:

1 – Andrew Luck – Future Hall of Famer

2 – Trent Richardson – Bounced around after Cleveland, can’t seem to stick anywhere

3 – RGIII – Great rookie season, barely worth a bench spot now

4 – Doug Martin – Fighting for a starting spot this year

5 – Justin Blackmon – Probably will never play another down

6 – Michael Floyd – Huge disappointment, some still have hope

7 – David Wilson – Career over due to health

8 – Kendall Wright – Still has a chance to be OK, we’ll see

9 – Stephen Hill – Have no clue what happened to him

10 – Ryan Tannehill – Solid starting QB

11 – Alshon Jeffery – Borderline tier 1 WR

12 – Mohamed Sanu – Fighting for a 3rd WR role

13 – Brandon Weeden – Lets just laugh at this one

14 – Coby Fleener – brick hands, only still around since Luck has a man crush on him

15 – Isiah Pead – literally did nothing in the NFL

16 – Rueben Randle – very frustrating player, shows promise but lacks intelligence

17 – A.J. Jenkins – I seriously don’t know who this is

18 – Brian Quick – Finally was off to a good season in 2014 but got injured, will he be the same?

19 – Ronnie Hillman – Looked good in limited time in Denver, can he stay healthy though? Also behind Anderson and Ball on the depth chart.

20 – Lamar Miller – Solid 2nd-3rd Tier RB.

So out of the top 20 picks from 2012 lets recap: 1 Great Player, 3 Solid players, 8 average NFL players, and 8 irrelevant guys. This trend continues no matter how far back you look. Give me proven production any day of the week over a rookie that absolutely no one has any idea as to if they will pan out.

Calvin Danger

Calvin Danger

An avid Detroitfan living in South Florida, I am going into my 7th season as an IDP Dynasty manager. I can't get enough of the defensive side of the ball and am excited to share my research and thoughts on how to become champion of your league.
Calvin Danger

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