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By Calvin Danger

There are many different ways to score the offense for  your fantasy football league. There is no right or wrong format, but whatever you chose must work for you and your leaguemates. Following are some of the most common point systems.



Most everyone that plays fantasy football should be familiar with standard scoring. This type of system creates a baseline for which all other variations are derived.

Passing: 1pt/25yds, 4pt/TD, -2pt/INT

Rushing: 1pt/10yds, 6pt/TD, -2pt/FUM

Receiving: 1pt/10yds, 6pt/TD, -2pt/FUM

Pros: This is the default scoring systems for all fantasy football.

Cons: Too much emphasis is placed on the RB position


Points Per Reception (PPR)

Same as standard scoring, but with points awarded every time a player catches a ball. Usually .5 or 1 point per reception

Pros: Awards players who may not put up a ton of yards but get their hands on the ball frequently

Cons: Too much emphasis is placed on the WR position as well as the top pass catching RB’s


Pure Scoring

This counts only scoring plays such as TD’s and FG’s.

Pros: Easy to track and heavily awards players who find the end zone frequently

Cons: Does not award players that may gain yards without finding the endzone at all, essentially making them useless


Pure Yardage

The opposite of pure scoring, this league only rewards for yards gained. It can include return yardage for special teams as well as defense such as interception return yards.

Pros: Eliminates the importance of touchdowns, which can be somewhat unpredictable

Cons: Eliminates the importance of touchdowns, which is the most important play in an NFL game.


Tight End Premium

This scoring system places more importance on the TE position as this is the group that typically scores the least points. This can be done by having a yard multiplier or increasing the points per reception over the other positions.

Pros: Makes the TE a more valuable roster position

Cons: Places more importance on arguably the least valuable position group on an NFL offense.


Big Play

These are fantasy leagues that give bonus points for big plays during an NFL game. Typically bonuses are awarded on plays that go for over 40 yards.

Pros: Awards points for players that execute “Game Changing Plays”

Cons: Devalues players that may have great performances on a regular basis but do not have the ability to break big plays


Performance Bonus

Another bonus system awards points for players that cross a statistical threshold, typically in yards. Some leagues give bonuses for as little as 100 yards, typically 1-2 points. It can also be applied when a player breaks an NFL record in yardage, awarding upwards of 10 points.

Pros: Makes getting to a certain statistical level more valuable

Cons: Difficult to predict who will get these points on a regular basis when choosing a team


I will touch on the different defensive scoring systems in my next article as they are much more diverse and include a wider variety of statistical categories.


Calvin Danger

Calvin Danger

An avid Detroitfan living in South Florida, I am going into my 7th season as an IDP Dynasty manager. I can't get enough of the defensive side of the ball and am excited to share my research and thoughts on how to become champion of your league.
Calvin Danger

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