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I think we all know who the studs were this week, guys that either helped you win… or crushed your dreams in the playoffs. Here they are in list form.


Antonio Brown

There was a ton of talk going into this weekend about benching Antonio Brown. The Denver Broncos had limited #1 WR’s to single digit points over the past 4 weeks, and everyone was beginning to overthink and consider sitting the #1 receiver in the league. I hope you were not one of those managers. Antonio straight up went off for the Steelers, helping them to a much needed victory to keep their playoff hopes alive. He finished with 16 catches for 189 yards and 2 TD’s. I hope those points didn’t sit on your bench…

Cam Newton

I think that it goes without saying that this is Cam’s career year. He keeps doing this over and over and over again. If Tom Brady wins the MVP over Newton my head might just explode. Cam simply does it all, with a very limited supporting cast. He was missing his starting RB this past week against the G Men – no sweat, he just threw for 5 TD’s instead of handing off the ball. His final stat line was 340/5 for over 41 points in standard leagues. Lady luck is not on your side if you lost with him in your lineup this weekend.

David Johnson

There have been some dominant performances by rookie running backs this season, but none were more impressive than what Johnson did against the Eagles on Sunday night. Carrying the ball like a true workhorse with 29 attempts, Johnson went for 187 yards and 3 touchdowns – one of which will go down as one of the best plays of the year. Add in 4 catches for 42 yards and Johnson put up the #1 score by a running back this season. His value could not be higher than it is right now in terms of Dynasty, but with an aging unsigned Chris Johnson and an always ailing Andre Ellington it may just be warranted. I can’t wait to see what this kid is going to do when given the reigns of an offense to start the 2016 season. I’m sure glad I had him stashed away on my bench the entire season while Bruce Arian played with my emotions, it looks like it will play dividends.


D’Qwell Jackson

Thanks for letting me down D’Qwell, what a time to decide to have your worst game of the season. For a guy which I have been singing praises all season you go out and put up a measly 9 points with your 2 solo’s and 5 assists. I understand Houston could barely get out of their own way to stay on offense (and somehow won) but you couldn’t get to the QB once for a sack. How about knocking down a pass just to get yourself to double digits. I blame my playoff loss squarely on your shoulders due to the fact that I lost by just under¬†20 points, less the difference in margin for which you have averaged the past 4 weeks. I guess there’s always next year… oh wait, you’re already on the plus side of 30. FML.

AJ Green

After a string of WR 1 performances, A.J. decided to come back to earth and have a sub par game which has been far too common this season. With a fellow A.J. under center Green only caught a 1 ball for 37 yards against one of the league’s worst secondaries after a 3 week string of 20+ points (ppr). After watching how this season has transpired, A.J. is now a fringe WR 1 in my books.

JJ Watt

The club must really be effecting Watt, that’s the best excuse I can come up with for the stinker he put up against Indy. For a guy that has 50% more points than the next closest DE in the league, JJ did not live up to expectations in your playoff game. 2 solo’s, 2 assists, that’s it. He couldn’t even get to Charlie Fricking Whitehurst who impossibly looks older than Hasslebeck in the pocket. Obviously JJ is still a huge dynasty asset, it just sucks that he had a dud in such an important fantasy game.

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Calvin Danger

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